Clenergy Trapezoidal U-Support Bracket (with Screws)

Trapezoidal Solar Mounting System

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Trapezoidal Solar Mounting System Trapezoidal is a revolutionary solar roof mounting solution that sets the standard on trapezoid steel sheet roofs. The whole system contains only 3 components, it is compact, simple and very quick to install. It remains the most cost-effective industrial roof mounting system for Solar. The Lightweight, anodized aluminum U-Support bracket with EPDM base seal is just 20mm wide which makes it suitable for all Trapezoidal sheet profiles. It replaces the need for rail avoiding the concerns with expansion and contraction on large projects while significantly reducing cost and mounting times of two minutes per PV module - it's fast to install. Simple and Fast Installation Just 3 components, using just one screw from 0.4 to 0.7-gauge steel top sheet. Using Clenergy innovative Z-module technology to easily attach the Solar PV modules and the FR Drive tool with sharp point screw geometry for fast reliable screw fixing.    

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Weight .07 kg
Dimensions .120 × .03 × .03 mm

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